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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2024

     In order to effectively prevent and control the novel coronavirus , CANTON RACK actively responded to the policy calls and extended the Spring Festival holiday. Our employees consciously isolated at home to fight the epidemic situation. The government of Hangzhou, where CANTONG RACK is located, has taken strict measures to control the outbreak. Now our government recently organized enterprises to resume work in an orderly manner. Our company officially resumed work in February 15th!

    Since the resumption of work, CANTON RACK has been firmly engaged in strict internal prevention to ensure safe production. All departments in orderly development. We will try our best to finish orders and arrange the delivery quickly to reduce the impact on our customers.

    We sincerely appreciate your long-term support and trust of our trading partners and thanks for your concern and understanding during this hard time. We have the absolute strength and confidence to provide our customers with good quality products and services as always.

With spring flowers blossoming, the epidemic will be overcome eventually. CANTON RACK  will grow up with you in 2020!